Gas Work

Safety is paramount when dealing with natural gas as a fuel. If you have concerns about leaking gas, Mark can quickly trace and repair leaking gas pipes/appliances.
Or perhaps you simply need a new gas supply to be installed, or an old supply removing and capping off. Call Mark now.



Toilet not flushing? Dripping taps? Leaky old pipework? Constantly running overflow? Seized stopcock? Or maybe you’d like a new shower mixer, or an outside tap? Call Mark now for more details.


Central Heating

Boilers and central heating systems are becoming ever more complex, so getting the right information is key. From boiler repairs to new boiler installations, system updates, system conversions, replacement hot water cylinders, replacement/additional radiators, circulating pumps, system controls, and full system flushes, Mark is THE central heating expert. If you have concerns about your system, call him for an informal chat to see what he can do for you.


Boiler Servicing

Modern condensing boilers do an amazing job, but they work very hard for a living, so having an annual boiler service is more important than it has ever been. Aswell as ensuring any warranty on the boiler is valid, a boiler service can return your boiler to peak efficiency, help identify any underlying issues before they become serious problems and ensure that the boiler is working safely.




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